Zoho is a suite of online applications, including CRM, email, sales, marketing, HR, and collaboration tools.
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What is Zoho?

Zoho is a comprehensive suite of business software applications, offering tools for sales and marketing, email and collaboration, IT and help desk, finance and HR, productivity and business process.

Who is this for?

Zoho is designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, from small startups to large enterprises, looking to streamline their processes and improve productivity.

How does Zoho work?

Zoho's applications integrate with each other, allowing users to manage various aspects of their business from a single platform. Features include CRM, email hosting, project management, accounting, HR, IT support, and more.

How is Zoho used?

  • Manage relationships and engagements with customers and leads
  • Collaborate on projects and tasks
  • Automate business processes and workflows
  • Handle financial tasks like invoicing and expense tracking

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