How Captain Data doubled its customer ticket resolution efficiency

Ticket resolution efficiency
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Captain Data is an automation technology company providing advanced data extraction and automation solutions.
Paris, France
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  Captain Data, an automation technology company, found itself grappling with a growing backlog of customer support tickets. Its support team was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of queries, with average resolution time standing at a staggering 48 hours. Despite their best efforts, the company struggled to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction due to this prolonged response time. This led to frustration among customers and a negative impact on the company's reputation.  




Ticket resolution efficiency


  Captain Data's primary objective was to slash its ticket resolution time in half, to provide quicker responses to its customers. Guideflow, with its interactive product demos and guides, allowed their customers to get answers to their queries instantly, reducing the load on the support team. The hands-on demos enabled customers to troubleshoot minor issues themselves, resulting in a significant drop in ticket resolution time.  


Customer satisfaction


  The second KPI that Captain Data aimed to improve was customer satisfaction. The company understood that customer satisfaction was directly linked to the speed and efficiency of their support. By leveraging Guideflow's solutions, they hoped to streamline their support process, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.  




Ticket resolution efficiency


  By reducing ticket resolution time from 48 to 24 hours, Captain Data drastically improved its customer service. This improvement led to an increase in customer loyalty and a noticeable enhancement in the company's reputation. It also allowed the support team to be more proactive and focus on more complex issues, driving overall operational efficiency.  


Customer satisfaction


  An increase in customer satisfaction from 70% to 90% translated into greater customer retention and a boost in referrals. Captain Data noticed that more satisfied customers meant a healthier brand image, leading to new customer acquisitions and overall growth for the company.  


Why Guideflow?


  Guideflow offered a robust solution that directly addressed Captain Data's challenges. The platform empowered customers, giving them the tools to solve minor issues independently. This drastically reduced the number of support tickets and improved resolution times. Moreover, Guideflow's easy integration and intuitive design allowed Captain Data to implement the solution seamlessly, making the transition smooth for both the support team and the customers. Guideflow not only helped improve operational efficiency but also enhanced the overall customer experience, significantly boosting customer satisfaction. As a result, Captain Data has seen marked growth and an uplift in their brand's reputation.  

"Our team recently started receiving a large number of tickets every day, and the time it took to resolve them was too long. We recognized the danger this could represent for the quality of the user experience and customer satisfaction. Guideflow was the resource that enabled us to solve this problem."
Guillaume Odier
CEO & Co-Founder
"The improvements we've seen with Guideflow are undeniable. Our customers are happier, our support team is more efficient, and our company's reputation has improved."
Guillaume Odier
CEO & Co-Founder
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