How SalesRamp reduced its cycle duration from 60 days to 30 days

Sales cycle efficiency
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SalesRamp is a leading provider of sales training platforms that improve efficiency and conversion rates.
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  SalesRamp, a renowned sales training platform, was faced with an elongated sales cycle that impacted their efficiency. The process from lead generation to closing the deal spanned an average of 60 days, creating a bottleneck in the sales pipeline. They also struggled with a lower-than-desired conversion rate of 20%. A lack of interactive engagement and effective product demonstration was identified as the primary contributor to these challenges.  




Sales cycle efficiency


  SalesRamp's key objective was to expedite their sales cycle, ideally reducing it by 50%. They believed that an interactive product demo could effectively showcase their platform's capabilities, thereby influencing prospects' decisions quicker. Guideflow, with its interactive product demos, seemed like an ideal solution.  


Conversion rate


  SalesRamp aimed to boost their conversion rate. They believed that if prospects could understand and experience the benefits of their platform through an interactive guide, they would be more likely to convert. Guideflow's solution provided this possibility.  




Sales cycle efficiency


  By reducing the sales cycle from 60 to 30 days, SalesRamp significantly increased its sales efficiency. This allowed them to close more deals within the same timeframe, leading to a surge in revenue. It also enhanced the experience for their prospects, who now made quicker decisions thanks to the interactive demos.  


Conversion rate


  Doubling the conversion rate from 20% to 40% not only meant an increase in customers but also amplified the value of their lead generation efforts. With higher conversion rates, their marketing ROI improved, fueling more investments into their growth initiatives.  


Why Guideflow?


  Guideflow proved to be the catalyst SalesRamp needed to overcome their challenges. Their interactive product demos and guides made product demonstration engaging and effective. Prospects could understand the product's value faster, accelerating decision-making, shortening the sales cycle, and increasing conversions. Moreover, Guideflow's seamless integration meant SalesRamp could easily embed it into their existing sales process. The overall impact of Guideflow on SalesRamp's sales efficiency, conversion rates, and customer experience underscores its significance in transforming a business's sales performance.  

"Our long sales cycles and low conversion rates were hampering our growth. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to effectively present our product to potential customers. Using Guideflow was instrumental in resolving this pain."
Benjamin Douablin
Co-founder & CEO
"Since we started using Guideflow, our sales cycle has significantly improved, and our conversion rates have doubled. It has driven our growth and elevated our performance to a whole new level.""
Benjamin Douablin
Co-founder & CEO
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