How Folk increased feature discovery by 41% by embedding interactive demos in email campaigns

Feature discovery rate
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Folk, a rapidly growing SaaS platform, recognized that its users were not fully utilizing the platform's features, which limited the potential for upselling. To address this issue, Folk sought to enhance its email campaigns by integrating Guideflow's interactive product demos to effectively showcase the platform's features. By incorporating interactive demos, tutorials, and walkthroughs, users gained a better understanding of the platform's capabilities, leading to increased feature discovery and ultimately, improved upsell results.


Increase feature discovery

Folk aimed to increase feature discovery among its users to improve platform utilization and drive upsell results. By embedding Guideflow's interactive demos in their email campaigns, Folk could effectively showcase its features and help users understand the platform's capabilities.

Improve upsell rate

With the increased feature discovery, Folk's objective was to improve its upsell rate, as users became more aware of the platform's value and additional features. The interactive demos played a crucial role in achieving this goal by providing an engaging and immersive experience that highlighted the benefits of upgrading.


Increase feature discovery

By incorporating Guideflow's interactive demos into their email campaigns, Folk successfully increased feature discovery by 41%. Users gained a better understanding of the platform's features and functionality, leading to higher platform utilization and engagement.

Improve upsell rate

As a result of increased feature discovery, Folk experienced a 25% improvement in upsell results. Users who recognized the value of additional features were more likely to upgrade their subscription, boosting the company's revenue and growth potential.

Why Guideflow ?

Guideflow's interactive demos enabled Folk to enhance their email campaigns with an engaging and immersive experience of their platform's features. Guideflow's demos, tutorials, and walkthroughs provided users with a better understanding of Folk's platform, leading to increased feature discovery, improved user engagement, and higher upsell results. The platform also offered a library of helpful guides and tutorials, as well as personalized recommendations tailored to each user.

"Our users weren't taking full advantage of our platform's features. We needed a way to showcase these features effectively and drive upsell results."
Simo Lemhandez
Simo Lemhandez
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