How Kyriba accelerated its sales cycle by 30%

Sales cycle duration
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Kyriba is a premier provider of cloud-based treasury and finance solutions.
San Diego, California
501-1000 employees



  Kyriba, a leading provider of cloud treasury and finance solutions, was grappling with an extended sales cycle that often lasted up to 60 days. The intricate nature of their product portfolio often led to a delay in prospects' decision-making, causing slower customer acquisition.  




Sales cycle duration


  Kyriba's primary goal was to reduce their sales cycle by 30%. They aimed to utilize Guideflow's interactive product demos to simplify the understanding of their complex offerings, hoping to encourage quicker decision-making among prospects.  


Customer acquisition


  Kyriba also aimed to increase their customer acquisition rate by 50%. They believed that if prospects could explore and understand their solutions interactively, the decision-making process would be accelerated, resulting in higher conversion rates.  




Sales cycle duration


  By reducing the sales cycle from 60 to 42 days, Kyriba significantly increased its sales efficiency. This allowed the sales team to engage with more leads within the same timeframe, potentially leading to a rise in revenue. It also improved the experience for their prospects, who could now make quicker decisions with a better understanding of the products.  


Customer acquisition


  Increasing customer acquisition by 50% a month not only boosted Kyriba's customer base but also enhanced the effectiveness of their lead generation efforts. This led to a more efficient use of marketing resources and a better ROI.  


Why Guideflow?


  Guideflow's solution was key in helping Kyriba overcome its challenges. The interactive product demos enabled a more efficient demonstration of Kyriba's complex solutions, resulting in a quicker understanding and faster decision-making by the prospects. The ease of integrating Guideflow also ensured a smooth transition for the sales team. By accelerating the sales cycle and increasing customer acquisition, Guideflow has played a pivotal role in boosting Kyriba's sales performance and growth trajectory.  

"Our sales cycle is now shorter, and our customer acquisition has significantly improved. These changes have had a positive impact on our overall growth."
Jean-Luc Robert
Chairman and CEO
"Until now, we usually had a decision-making process for our potential clients, extending our sales cycle. But when we started using Guideflow, everything changed."
Jean-Luc Robert
Chairman and CEO
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