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Capture your demo
with the speed of light.

Easily create an interactive demo of your product or website with our Chrome extension. The extension allows you to capture every step of your process, from logging in to navigating through different pages, all in real-time.

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One-Click Capture

Capture your demos with ease using our Chrome extension. Create interactive demos without leaving your browser.

3,2,1... Start your capture

On every click, Guideflow captures a step in your flow. Add new steps to your demo anytime. Capture now, refine later.

Your Screen, Your Demo

Personalize your demos by capturing your own screen. Show your audience exactly what you want them to see.

Screenshot-based or HTML-based capture

Choose the way you want to capture your demo. With our screenshot-based capture, you can generate quick demos in seconds for static content. Alternatively, use our HTML-based capture (the fastest on the market) to record a more interactive and dynamic demo with advanced edition & customization possibilities.

Edit your interactive demo
with our plug & play builder.

Once you've captured your demo, you can edit it directly within our platform. Rearrange steps, add annotations, or highlight important features to make your demo as clear and engaging as possible.

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Your Brand, Your Way

Make your demo truly yours with our plug and play editor. Customize your demo to fit your brand perfectly.

Guide users into your flow

Drive user engagement with various Call-to-Actions. Guide your audience to the next step with interactive prompts.

Stay Current, Stay Relevant

Easily manage and update your steps to keep your demo fresh. Deliver the most relevant information to your audience.

Plug & play builder

Our intuitive editor makes it easy to start creating right away. Simply drag and drop call-to-action, add text, customize the theme or rearrange steps to craft your perfect demo.

Personalize any element on your interactive demos screens.

Make your demo truly yours with our HTML editor. You can personalize any element in your demo to make it fit your target audience's needs.

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Customize everything

Enjoy limitless customization with our no-code HTML editor. Personalize text, images, graphs, and more to make your demo truly unique

Dynamic Variables

Use dynamic variables to create personalized experiences for each viewer. Deliver tailored content for a more engaging demo.

Connect & engage

Connect elements to new steps, URLs, or other guideflows for a truly interactive experience. Keep your audience engaged and interested.

Advanced no-code editor

Our no-code HTML editor makes personalization easy, even if you have no coding experience. Simply select an element and adjust its properties directly.

Share your interactive demo
with everyone, everywhere.

Easily share your interactive demo with potential customers, team members, or stakeholders. You can send it directly via email, embed it on your website, or share a link on social media.

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Sharing Made Simple

Enjoy multiple sharing options to reach your audience. Whether through a public link, embed widget, or custom link, we've got you covered.

Embed it anywhere

Embed your Guideflow into your landing page, emailing solution, help center, knowledge base, and changelog (+300 providers integrated).

Tailored Outreach

Create custom links for each lead. Personalize the demo experience with identifiable information and potential variables for detailed tracking.

Multiple sharing options

Sharing your interactive demo is easy with our range of options once you make it live. Whether via a public link, an embed widget (iframe), email, social media, or custom links, we've got you covered.

Analyze your interactive demo
with advanced insights.

With our advanced analytics feature, you can track how users interact with your interactive demos or guides. See which steps they spend the most time on, where they drop off, and how they navigate through your demo.

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Actionable insights

Deep dive into your demo's performance with our advanced analytics. Understand user engagement and improve your demo based on data-driven insights.

Real-time, all the time

Stay updated with real-time data feeds. Monitor user activity as it happens for the most current understanding of your demo's performance.

Focus on what matters

Filter your data to focus on what matters most to you. Use our advanced filtering options to analyze specific subsets of data.

Advanced analytics

Track user engagement, time spent, and more to continually improve your demo and understand its benefits: increased conversion rates, time spent by end-users, and so on.

Collaborate with all
your team at scale.

Guideflow makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Multiple users can work on the same demo, making real-time edits and comments. Ideal for teams of all sizes.

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Collaboration made easy

Work together in real-time with our collaborative editor. Make team collaboration effortless and efficient.

Your team, your roles

Manage your team effectively with our advanced roles feature. Assign roles based on responsibilities.

Efficiency at your fingertips

Speed up your workflow with our handy hotkeys. Use keyboard shortcuts for common actions and save valuable time.

Workspace organization

Keep your projects organized and accessible with our workspace system. Create different workspaces for various projects or teams for easy navigation and management.

Connect your stack
in minutes, not days.

Our platform can be integrated with a variety of other tools and software. Whether it's your CRM, email marketing platform, or customer support tool, you can seamlessly connect Guideflow.com to your existing workflow.

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Harmony in your stack

Seamlessly integrate Guideflow with your existing stack. Make your workflow more unified and efficient with our native integrations with CRMs, Slack, etc.

Automate with ease

Make your workflows smoother with Zapier. Connect Guideflow to thousands of other apps for automated tasks and increased efficiency.

Connected & empowered

Extend the functionality of Guideflow with our webhook and API features. Connect to external systems and automate actions.

Integrated with your stack

Seamlessly integrate Guideflow with your existing technology stack. Our platform is designed to work harmoniously with your current tools, providing a unified and efficient workflow.

Security & accessibility
for your organization.

We relentlessly strive to provide an environment that respects and safeguards your personal information and data. If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability in Guideflow's service, please notify us.

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Data protection

Safeguarding your data with superior security measures.

Regular penetration tests

Strengthening system defenses by routinely addressing vulnerabilities.

Secure development

Building security into every step of our development process.

External audits

Validating our code's security through unbiased third-party reviews.

Alignment with standards & regulations

Leverage a platform that fulfills the rigorous requirements for being compliant with regulations and standards.

Control over data & location

With various hosting and data location options, you can meet privacy laws and internal policies.

Regular Security Audits

We continually review our security measures to identify potential vulnerabilities, with audits performed by third-party auditors.

Specific Permission Levels

Establish multiple user groups with varied permission levels and implement your chosen SSO authentication (including SAML).

Data Processing Agreement

Comprehensive data processing agreement, ensuring complete clarity on each party's responsibilities when handling personal data.

Network security & SSL

Our network security involves HTTPS connection, dedicated firewalls, switches, and databases with no direct access.


Facilitating secure and seamless access to our services through user-friendly single sign-on authentication.


Upholding our dedication to providing reliable and high-quality services as per the stipulations in our 99,9% SLA.


Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure the utmost protection of your sensitive data.


Ensuring your privacy by diligently aligning our policies and operations with the provisions of GDPR and CCPA regulations.


Demonstrating our stringent adherence to data security standards as evidenced by our SOC2 certification - Ongoing with Vanta.

Incident Response plan

Maintaining a robust incident response plan that allows us to act swiftly and effectively to mitigate potential security incidents.

System security

We implement the latest security patches and disable any web server features potentially exposing Guideflow to attacks.

Secure providers & subprocessors

Guideflow's demos are hosted by providers like Google Cloud Platform & Cloudflare that are meeting the highest security standards.

Trust Center

Get access to all our security & privacy documents: monitoring, incident response, internal processes, policies, pen tests, etc.


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We created our demo library in few days to share interactive demos with our partners & leads. In few weeks, we have been able to boost our conversion rate & to leverage our partners ecosystem to get more deals!

Ben D.

Head of Sales

Easy to use and great value for money. Our team no longer have to answer the question "Can you show me how it works?

Tom B.

New Business - Founder

We made our first interactive demo in few minutes, Guideflow is super easy to use. The results in terms of conversion on our landing page are already impressive.

Jeremy B.

CEO & in love Guideflow's user

Our product has complex workflows, and most of our customers can meet trouble setting-up their automations. We replaced screenshots and videos with interactive guides and reduced the number of support tickets by 20%!

Guillaume O.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Another question? Don't hesitate to reach us on our chat!

What is an interactive demo or a guideflow?
A guideflow it's an interactive product demo or guide that you can share with a public link or embed across your website, your email communications, your blog, your social medias or even your knowledge base. Interactive demos allow users to engage with your product in a guided, step-by-step manner. They simulate your software, highlighting key features and functionalities, and enabling users or leads to understand your product even before they start using it.

Interactive demos can be used by various teams:

- Sales: Don’t keep your leads waiting. Speed up your sales cycle by sharing personalized interactive demos in outreach campaigns, follow-up emails, or use for live demos.

- Marketing: Show, don’t tell, and generate the ‘aha’ moment. Boost conversions and stimulate customer interest by embedding product demos into your website, social media, and email campaigns.

- Customer Support: Go beyond ticket queues. Improve your customer support efficiency with interactive guides reducing friction and enhancing satisfaction by embedding product demos into your support email, live chat, help center, or knowledge base.

- Training & onboarding: Ditch your manual. Leverage our interactive tutorials for seamless onboarding and training. Transform the learning experience into an engaging journey, allowing you to train and onboard anyone from your team on any process or flow.

- Product: Let your product speak for itself. Showcase new features, updates, or changelogs in your product and emails.

- Partnership: Enable your partners to seal the deal. Help your partners understand your product comprehensively through interactive demos. Share customized guides for their specific needs and make them your best sales representative.

Get started today, it's free!
How do I get started?
To get started with Guideflow, sign-up to create your account. Once your account is ready, you can immediately begin crafting interactive demos or guides for your product. We've made our platform highly intuitive, and we provide comprehensive resources and support to help you navigate your way and start creating effective interactive demos swiftly.
What's included in the free plan?
Our free plan provides you with a hands-on experience of Guideflow. It includes the creation of up to 5 guideflows, screenshot-based capture, unlimited views, 7-days analytics, and the ability to add up to 3 team members into your workspace. For more details, we recommend checking the pricing comparison table at the top of this page.
How many interactive demos can I create with my plan?
Sky is the limit. We don't restrict the number of interactive demos or guides you can create with our paid plans. Feel free to create as many as necessary to showcase your product effectively, it's unlimited.
What are the most popular ways companies use your interactive demos?
Interactive demos are like a Swiss Army knife for many businesses. They're widely used for sales and marketing to exhibit product features, user onboarding, support, and training internal teams. Essentially, they're invaluable wherever there's a need for guided, step-by-step interaction with your product.
What are workspaces, and how do team roles function within them?
Workspaces in Guideflow are like individual accounts or departments. They help you manage your demos and collaborate with your team more effectively. Team roles define access levels or permissions within a workspace, ensuring a balance between collaboration and privacy.
Do you offer integrations with other platforms?
Yes, Guideflow offers seamless integration with a wide range of platforms to help streamline your workflow. For detailed information about the platforms we integrate with, please visit our integrations page.
Can I remove the Guideflow’s watermark from interactive demos?
Yes, you can remove our watermark from our Pro plan and add your own, providing a more personalized demo experience.
What payment methods do you accept?
We process payments through Paddle, accepting a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and PayPal.
What type of customer support do you provide?
Providing to our users with first-grade support experience it’s at the center of Guideflow’s value. Who likes to wait for ages to get an answer? Our customer support varies based on the subscription plan you choose. From email support and live chat to a dedicated customer success manager (CSM), we have a variety of options to meet your needs. Check our pricing table at the top of the page for more details on what's included in each plan.
How do seat-based subscriptions work?
Guideflow subscriptions are auto-renewed at the end of each billing period (either monthly or yearly), and they apply to a single workspace. When you add a member to your workspace, they occupy a seat for which you will be billed from the moment they join.  If a member is removed, they vacate their seat, which can be filled by a new member free of charge. If you don't fill an empty seat by the end of the billing period, the subscription renews, accounting for the occupied seats only.
What payment methods do you accept?
We process payments through Paddle, accepting a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and PayPal.
How much does the Corporate plan cost, and what are its features?
A Corporate plan is a custom plan tailored to your specific needs, and the price varies depending on many factors. It includes SAML SSO, advanced security compliance, a dedicated customer success manager, priority support and bug fixes, and more.
I have additional questions about pricing, where can I find more info?
Feel free to reach us on our live chat, to send us an email to contact@guideflow.com or to book a call with us, our team would be happy to help you!
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