How Favikon boosted its landing page conversion rate by 35% & the visitors quality

Landing page conversion rate
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Favikon is a leading influencer auditing and ranking platform for brands.
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  Before implementing Guideflow, Favikon faced significant challenges in engaging visitors on its landing page. The page lacked interactivity and did not provide enough information to capture the attention of potential customers. This resulted in low conversion rates and a high bounce rate. Furthermore, Favikon struggled with attracting qualified visitors who were genuinely interested in their services. Their existing content was not effectively communicating the value proposition, leaving visitors unsure of Favikon’s offerings.  




Landing page conversion rate


  Favikon aimed to boost their landing page conversion rate. They needed a solution that could engage visitors more effectively and convert them into leads. Guideflow’s interactive product demos helped achieve this by providing real-time, engaging content that showcased Favikon’s services. The interactive guides allowed visitors to gain a better understanding of what Favikon offers, encouraging them to take action.  


Qualified visitors


  Favikon also wanted to increase the number of qualified visitors to its site. By implementing Guideflow's interactive guides, Favikon was able to create more targeted and appealing content. This led to higher organic traffic and more engagement from visitors who were genuinely interested in their services.  




Landing page conversion rate


  With a 35% improvement in the landing page conversion rate, Favikon experienced an increase in lead generation. This allowed them to build a larger customer base and generate more revenue. Furthermore, the enhanced user experience on the landing page strengthened Favikon’s brand image.  


Qualified visitors


  The 50% increase in qualified visitors not only boosted Favikon’s potential customer pool but also improved the efficiency of their sales process. By attracting visitors who were genuinely interested, the sales team could focus their efforts on more promising leads, optimizing resources and increasing ROI.  


Why Guideflow?


  Guideflow offers a unique solution for companies like Favikon who want to improve user engagement and conversion rates. Through interactive product demos and guides, Guideflow enables visitors to experience products or services in real-time, which is instrumental in capturing attention and converting visitors into leads. Moreover, Guideflow is user-friendly and customizable, allowing companies to tailor content to match their brand and target audience. For Favikon, this meant a significant boost in both landing page conversion rates and qualified visitors, which translated into more leads, better brand perception, and ultimately, increased revenue. Guideflow proves to be an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their online presence and grow their customer base.  

"Guideflow totally change the dynamic of our landing page! The interactive demos were key to engaging visitors and converting them into valuable leads. We've seen a real growth since we implemented the tool."
Jeremy Boissinot
Co-founder & CEO
"We were struggling to convey the true value of our services through our landing page before using Guideflow."
Jeremy Boissinot
Co-founder & CEO
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