How MailTracker improved its onboarding time efficiency by 55% with Guideflow

Time to complete onboarding
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MailTracker is a tool that allows users to track sent emails, offering real-time notifications on when emails are opened.
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  MailTracker’s onboarding process was time-consuming and lacked engaging elements. New users often felt overwhelmed by the amount of information presented during onboarding, leading to a longer time to completion. Moreover, the process was not interactive, resulting in low user engagement levels. This led to a slower adoption rate and increased likelihood of users abandoning the service before fully understanding its benefits.  




Time to complete onboarding


  MailTracker's objective was to reduce the time users took to complete the onboarding process. Guideflow enabled MailTracker to present information in a concise and engaging manner. Through interactive demos, users could quickly grasp essential features and understand the value of MailTracker's services, leading to a reduced time for onboarding.  


User engagement during onboarding


  MailTracker also aimed to enhance user engagement during onboarding. Interactive guides enabled users to explore MailTracker's features firsthand. This immersive experience ensured that users actively participated and remained engaged throughout the onboarding process.  




Time to complete onboarding


  By reducing the onboarding time by 55%, MailTracker enabled users to quickly dive into the core features of the service. This led to higher satisfaction as users could experience the value of MailTracker without delays, which in turn increased the likelihood of them becoming long-term users.  


User engagement during onboarding


  The 60% increase in user engagement during onboarding meant that users were not only signing up but also actively exploring and understanding MailTracker. This higher engagement led to better product adoption, a more informed user base, and ultimately, improved user satisfaction.  


Why Guideflow?


  Guideflow provided MailTracker an interactive product demo platform that significantly improved onboarding time and user engagement. Through interactive guides and product demos, Guideflow allows companies to create a hands-on experience that is both efficient and engaging. For MailTracker, this meant a drastic reduction in the time it took for users to complete onboarding, and a substantial increase in engagement levels. This efficiency meant users could quickly see the value in MailTracker’s services, leading to higher user retention and satisfaction. Guideflow’s customizable features also allowed MailTracker to tailor the onboarding experience, ensuring it aligned perfectly with user needs and brand identity.  

"Guideflow has been instrumental in streamlining our onboarding process, making it more efficient and engaging. Our users are now quicker to adopt and rave about our service."
Tom Benattar
"Thanks to Guideflow and its team, we now have a solution that solves 100% of our pains."
Tom Benattar
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