GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, facilitating collaboration and automation for efficient software development.

How to create a new project?

What is GitLab?

GitLab is a DevOps platform, providing an all-in-one software solution to help teams safely develop, build, test, and deploy. GitLab streamlines the development process, enabling faster delivery and easier management of projects and code.

Who is this for?

GitLab is dedicated to developers, engineers, project managers, and any team or individual working on software development projects. By providing a unified toolset, GitLab helps organizations simplify their software delivery pipelines and improve collaboration.

How does GitLab work?

GitLab is used to manage code repositories, automate CI/CD workflows, monitor application performance, and coordinate project management tasks. The platform integrates with various third-party tools, includes built-in security scanning features, and fosters transparent cross-functional collaboration throughout the development lifecycle.

How is GitLab used?

Key use cases for GitLab include:

  • Source code management and version control
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • Security and compliance management
  • Agile project management

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