Pendo is a product experience platform that helps businesses analyze user behavior and improve product engagement.
Customer Success

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What is Pendo?

Pendo is a comprehensive product experience platform designed to help businesses enhance user experience, increase user engagement and retention. It offers functionalities for product analytics, in-app messaging, and customer feedback collection to empower companies in making data-driven decisions.

Who is this for?

Pendo serves product teams, customer success teams, user experience professionals, and marketing teams in various industries such as technology, finance, and healthcare. These stakeholders leverage Pendo to understand user behavior, identify patterns, and improve product experiences.

How does Pendo work?

Users can integrate Pendo with their applications to collect user interaction data. It enables the creation of onboarding flows and in-app messages and informs feature enhancements based on user behavior analytics.

How is Pendo used?

The main uses of Pendo include:

  • Tracking and analyzing product usage metrics
  • Creating and managing onboarding tutorials and help guides
  • Communicating feature updates and announcements directly in-app
  • Planning product roadmap based on user feedback and usage trends

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