Slite is an intuitive collaborative platform, enhancing team communication and streamlining knowledge sharing.
Training & Enablement

How to create a document?

What is Slite?

Slite is a collaborative documentation tool that allows teams to share knowledge, manage projects, and collaborate effectively. With Slite, information is centralized and easily searchable, making it a valuable resource in distributed and remote teams.

Who is this for?

Slite is dedicated to teams and organizations aiming to streamline their internal communication, ensure consistency across documents, improve their knowledge sharing and facilitate quick access to trusted company information.

How does Slite work?

Users can create, share, and collaborate on documents, notes, and projects in Slite. Additionally, it provides options to organize notes in channels, making it easy to categorize and locate content. Users can leverage Slite's AI assistant, "Ask", for quick access to needed information, skipping the hassle of searching through lengthy documents.

How is Slite used?

  • Team collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Project management and task organization
  • Document creation and editing
  • Centralizing internal documentation

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