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Pallet’s faced numerous challenges in managing their sales and customer success processes through Airtable and had to find a CRM solution that could meet their unique needs.


Use Attio to build the solution they need for their go-to-market motions, including sales pipelines and customer success.

How Pallet uses Attio

Pallet now uses Attio as the linchpin for everything customer-related for their business. Using Attio, they can build, iterate and adapt their CRM to meet their business needs as they change.

“Attio is incredibly versatile and super intuitive. We’re basically able to mold it exactly to our business processes and it gives us a single source of truth for everything related to customers,” says Schrader. “It gives us a very clear view into everyone’s communications with customers and what’s going across the whole team. Right now we’re using it for sales lead tracking and customer success, and plan to add more use cases soon.”

Sales lead tracking

Pallet uses Attio to manage their entire sales process, from first contact all the way to close.

Every contact in their email and calendar systems is enhanced with data enrichment, and Schrader is able to see the connection strength, last point of contact, and other data variables for each person and company.

“We use Attio to track all stages of our sales process because it is such a versatile tool,” says Schrader. “My team and I take advantage of being able to create so many views of a single list – we’ve got a handful of table and kanban views in each workflow we’ve built. We also all use Attio’s note taking features so we’re all on the same page.”

Once deals are closed with prospects, Schrader is able to easily hand them off to customer success with relevant context and information. “Using Attio is great because immediately after we close a customer, I can hand them off to customer success with all communications, notes and details.”

Pallet also takes advantage of Attio’s reporting capabilities. Using the product, Schrader and her team are able to visualize their sales data in numerous different ways.

“My team loves Attio’s reporting system because it’s so dynamic. We can splice our data in so many different ways and combinations,” adds Schrader.

Customer success

Schrader and her teammates also use Attio to help ensure that customers receive the services they need. They are able to track what stage a customer is in, as well as see notes and hand-off details from sales.

With Attio, Pallet gets a holistic view of their customer base. The team is able to see detailed profiles, with all communications for each customer as well as written notes logged by her coworkers. They use Attio records to build enhanced profiles of each contact and store all notes about how customer relationships are going.

Pallet also uses Attio to automate key processes in the customer success workflow.

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"My team loves Guideflow's reporting system because it’s so dynamic. We can splice our data in so many different ways and combinations"
John Mick
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