Hunter is an online tool for finding and verifying professional email addresses, beneficial for businesses.
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How to find and save leads?

What is Hunter?

Hunter, formerly known as Email Hunter, is a versatile tool that assists in finding and verifying professional email addresses. It helps businesses and individuals connect with the right people effectively and efficiently, making online correspondence easier and more targeted.

Who is this for?

Hunter is primarily dedicated to sales teams, marketers, and recruitment specialists. However, anyone interested in finding and authenticating professional email addresses for business or networking purposes can benefit from its services.

How does Hunter work?

Users can enter a company domain, and Hunter will provide a list of associated email addresses. Each result includes a deliverability score, ensuring that users connect only with valid and active emails. The platform also offers a verification service to verify email addresses' delivery status individually or in bulk.

How is Hunter used?

  • Sales teams prospecting potential leads
  • Marketers reaching out to influencers or partners
  • Recruiters aiming to contact potential candidates
  • Researchers validating email data for studies

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