Gusto is a cloud-based platform offering payroll, benefits, and HR management services for businesses.
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What is Gusto?

Gusto is a cloud-based platform providing a variety of tools to simplify and automate payroll, benefits, and human resource management processes for businesses.

Who is this for?

Gusto is dedicated to small to mid-sized businesses seeking to streamline their payroll and HR procedures, enforce compliance, and offer flexible benefits to their employees.

How does Gusto work?

Users input their business and employee information into Gusto's user-friendly interface. The platform then automates payroll, tax filings, and benefits management, and provides organizational tools for HR.

How is Gusto used?

Gusto's features support:

  • Automated payroll processing and tax filings
  • Employee benefits management
  • HR tools for hiring, onboarding, and compliance
  • Time tracking and time-off management

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