Amplitude is a product intelligence platform, enabling businesses to optimize user experience and drive growth.

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What is Amplitude?

Amplitude is a product analytics platform that helps businesses to track users' interactions with their products. It enables teams to gain insights into user behavior and make informed, data-driven decisions to enhance customer experience.

Who is this for?

Amplitude is dedicated to product managers, UX designers, and growth marketers aiming to optimize product features, increase user engagement, and drive growth based on actionable analytics.

How does Amplitude work?

Amplitude collects user interaction data, presenting it in an easy-to-understand manner. Users can track engagement metrics, and construct user funnel analyses, cohorts, and more, aiding in understanding features that drive valuable user behavior.

How is Amplitude used?

Key use cases for Amplitude include:

  • User behavior analysis and optimization
  • Product development decisions
  • Conversion rate improvement
  • Enhancing user experience and engagement

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