360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that enables teams to share knowledge and learn together.
Training & Enablement

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What is 360Learning?

360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that empowers teams to create, share, and improve their own online courses. It facilitates knowledge sharing and employee engagement to foster organizational learning.

Who is this for?

360Learning is designed for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations interested in promoting internal training, professional development, and collaborative learning experiences.

How does 360Learning work?

Users can create courses using the platform's intuitive authoring tools or access pre-built courses. It supports multimedia content, quizzes, and other interactive elements, while also offering analytics to measure course success.

How is 360Learning used?

  • Developing and managing custom employee training programs
  • Creating compliance, sales, and soft skills courses
  • Hosting personalized professional development workshops
  • Measuring course engagement and learning outcomes

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