Use interactive guides in your compliance training to strengthen the properly apply of your sensitive processes.

Traditional compliance trainings can be forgettable, risking data mishandling. Let's deep dive into this situation to understand how to face this issue with new tools that could offer a more engaging way to ensure vital processes are applied correctly.

Hugo Deveze
Sep 06, 2023


  • Understanding and adhering to compliance is vital for any company's integrity and security.
  • Interactive guides provide real-life scenarios to help teams grasp complex compliance topics.
  • Eliminate the risk of improperly applied processes due to ineffective traditional training.


Ever attended a compliance training that felt like watching paint dry? For training managers, creating engaging sessions around such serious topics is a major challenge. Transitioning from such a thought, we've seen a common issue where many employees forget essential compliance processes post-training. An international study found that 60% of employees don't remember key points from their last compliance training (source: International Compliance Association). Adding to the concern, another research points out that companies on average experience a 40% non-compliance rate in standard processes (source: Forrester Research).This poses significant risks. Imagine a scenario where an employee unknowingly mishandles sensitive data because they couldn't recall the correct procedure. This not only puts the company's reputation at stake but may also invite legal troubles. Clearly, there's a pressing need to revisit how compliance training is delivered.

The problem

Traditional compliance trainings often lack the engagement factor.

Frequent Powerpoint slides, lengthy documentation, and monotonous narrations have been the old standards. While these might cover the content, they often fail to make a lasting impression.

So, what are the key limitations? Without hands-on experience or real-world context, employees may find it challenging to relate or recall processes when it matters the most.

Let me share you my experience. I once sat through a two-hour session on data privacy, only to realize a week later that I wasn't clear on how to handle a particular customer data request. Such gaps can lead to errors that a company can ill afford.

Mistakes in compliance can result in financial penalties, reputational damage, or even legal repercussions.

The solution

The solution is interactive guides.

By simulating real-world scenarios, these guides offer a hands-on approach to understanding complex regulations. Instead of passive listening, employees actively engage, making decisions that would mirror real-life situations. Use cases like handling sensitive data, managing customer information, and adhering to financial regulations become more tangible and memorable.

The benefits

  • Transform passive listeners into active participants: with interactive guides, employees are no longer mere spectators. They are placed in realistic situations where they must apply their knowledge, ensuring deeper comprehension.
  • Dramatically reduce the chances of compliance errors: when employees practice in a simulated environment, they're less likely to make mistakes in real-world scenarios, safeguarding the company from potential mishaps.
  • Consistent, scalable, and up-to-date training: interactive guides can be updated easily, ensuring that the latest regulations and procedures are always covered, and they can be scaled to any number of employees without diluting the quality of the training.

Given these transformative advantages, isn't it time you adopted interactive product guides?

How to maximize the potential of interactive product guides?

Ready to elevate your compliance training? Here's how with interactive product guides:

  • Set clear objectives: identify the critical compliance areas that need emphasis.
  • Design real-world scenarios: reflect situations employees might face daily.
  • Seek feedback and iterate: after training sessions, collect feedback to continuously refine the guide for better results.

How to create your first interactive product guide with Guideflow?

Harnessing the power of interactive product guides like Guideflow can be a game-changer for compliance training.

  1. Identify critical compliance areas: start with the most sensitive processes or frequent areas of error.
  2. Storyboard the compliance journey: detail each step, ensuring nothing is left out.
  3. Record your interactive product guide: use real-world scenarios to emphasize critical areas.
  4. Test & refine: gather feedback and continuously refine the guide for maximum effectiveness.

Create your first interactive guide with Guideflow: get started


How does an interactive guide differ from traditional training methods?
Unlike traditional methods that are often passive, interactive guides require active participation, immersing the user in real-life scenarios, ensuring a deeper understanding.

Can I track the effectiveness of interactive guides in training?
Yes, you can integrate forms and track user engagement to measure success and areas of improvement.

Can I customize the interactive guides to reflect our company's specific processes?
Yes, with platforms like Guideflow, you can tailor the guides to mirror your company's specific compliance procedures and scenarios.


Interactive guides provide a revolutionary approach to compliance training. By shifting from passive listening to active participation, employees are better equipped to understand and apply critical security processes. With real-world scenarios at their fingertips, the chances of errors diminish, safeguarding the company's reputation and legal standing. It's an innovative solution for a crucial need.

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