Empower your sales team with an interactive demos library and skyrocket their sales conversion rate.

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with tailored interactive demos. Enhance engagement, understand your leads, and secure deals faster than ever.

Hugo Deveze
Sep 06, 2023


  • Drive more conversions: elevate your sales strategy with tailored, interactive demos for every potential client.
  • Show, don't tell: use interactive product demos to allow prospects to immerse themselves in your product, experiencing its benefits firsthand.
  • Say goodbye to generic pitches: personalized demos address the unique pains and needs of each buyer, eliminating inefficiencies.


Life in pre-sales is no walk in the park, especially when preparing the perfect demo for sales teams. Poring over countless slide decks, scripting every interaction, and always aiming for that "wow" moment—it's demanding. Add to that the challenges of creating demos tailored to various industries and buyer personas. Research indicates that a whopping 75% of sales demos don’t address the specific needs of the client (source needed). On average, 50% of prospects claim they've sat through demos that were completely irrelevant to their needs (source needed). Just think about it: How often have you lost the spark halfway through a generic demo? It's a problem begging for a solution, and it's high time we deep dive into it.

The problem

Generic demos are a Sales-killer. Traditional sales presentations often lack the personal touch that resonates with individual prospects.

The reality is that every potential client is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it anymore. Here is the problem with limited customization: most demos are static, not taking into account the diverse industries, company sizes, or specific needs of the viewer. For a pre-sales like yourself, this can feel like pouring effort into a black hole.

Let's take a quick example to illustrate this. I prepared a demo for a major tech firm last week. I painstakingly detailed our product's specs, but the feedback was clear: "It doesn't relate to our industry-specific challenges." The aftermath? Lost engagement, wasted time, and a frustrated sales team.

The solution

Your answer is interactive demos.

Interactive product demos aren't just presentations; they're experiences. Tailored to address the unique challenges and needs of your prospects, these demos provide a hands-on look at what your product can do. Think of interactive demos as a customizable toolkit for your sales team, ensuring that every pitch strikes a chord.

The benefits

  • Skyrocketed conversion rates: picture this: your sales team, armed with a library of demos, each tailored to different buyer personas or industries. Each demo is a precision tool, designed to engage and convert.
  • Enhanced engagement: interactive demos aren't just viewed; they're experienced. Prospects can navigate, engage, and immerse themselves in the product, leading to more meaningful interactions.
  • Efficiency and scale: with an ever-growing demo library at their fingertips, your sales team can rapidly adapt to any sales situation, ensuring they always have the right tool for the job.

Given these transformative advantages, isn't it time you adopted interactive product demos?

How to maximize the potential of interactive product demos?

Ready to optimize your business processes? Here's how with interactive product demos:

  1. Understand your audience: it starts with knowing who you're speaking to. Tailor each demo to address the unique needs and pains of your audience.
  2. Incorporate feedback: after each demo, gather feedback and refine. Over time, this creates a feedback loop, ensuring your demos are always improving.
  3. Train your sales team: an interactive demo is only as good as the person delivering it. Make sure your sales team knows the ins and outs of every demo in their arsenal.

How to create your first interactive product demo with Guideflow?

Leveraging a tool like Guideflow can drastically amplify the impact of your interactive product demos:

  1. Identify your core features: what sets your product apart? Zone in on these unique selling points.
  2. Storyboard the demo journey: create a roadmap of the demo, ensuring a logical flow that addresses the prospect's needs.
  3. Record your interactive product demo: with Guideflow, capturing the essence of your product is straightforward and intuitive.
  4. Test & refine: gather feedback, iterate, and improve. It's a cycle that ensures your demos remain top-notch.

Create your first interactive demo with Guideflow: get started


How does an interactive demo differ from a regular sales pitch?
It's all about engagement. While traditional sales pitches tell, interactive demos show. They provide a hands-on, immersive experience tailored to the viewer's specific needs.

How time-consuming is it to create an interactive demo?
With tools like Guideflow, creating an interactive demo is swift and intuitive. Moreover, the time invested pays dividends in increased conversion and engagement.

How do I keep my interactive demos up-to-date with product changes?
Guideflow offers intuitive tools to edit and update your demos, ensuring they're always in sync with the latest product features.

Can I track the performance of my interactive demos?
Yes, Guideflow offers comprehensive analytics. You can gauge engagement, identify areas of improvement, and refine your demos based on concrete data.


Embracing interactive demos is a game-changer for pre-sales and sales teams alike. By equipping your team with a library tailored to different buyer personas and industries, you're not just pitching; you're engaging, resonating, and converting at rates previously thought impossible.

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