Offer interactive guides as on-demand assistance to minimize your support ticket volume.

Navigating help centers can be a tedious task. Even when you find what you're looking for, the endless steps and paragraphs aren't user-friendly. What if there's a better way? Let’s deep dive into this topic to understand how to face the challenge it represents.

Hugo Deveze
Sep 06, 2023


  • Empower users with efficient and user-friendly solutions.
  • Leverage the usefulness of on-demand resources to answer user questions in a streamlined manner.
  • Find a sustainable solution to the complexity of traditional help centers leading to increased support tickets.


You've already been there: lost in a maze of FAQs, help articles, and user guides, just hoping for a signpost that points us in the right direction. You felt like being in a foreign country without a translator, doesn't it? Help centers are meant to do just that - help. But seeing users struggle to find solutions can be heart-wrenching. Why are our help centers not helping as they should? With overwhelming steps, varying formats, and unclear directions, the problem is clear. Research shows that over 60% of users find traditional help centers complex and not user-friendly (source: Intercom). This results in a 25% increase in support tickets, as users can't find the answers they need (source: Harvard Business Review). It's time for you to ask: isn't there a more efficient way to provide assistance?

The problem

Here's the damage: user dissatisfaction due to cumbersome help center resources.

Traditional help centers, with their text-heavy articles and ambiguous steps, often leave users more confused than before. This not only drives up support ticket volume but diminishes the trust users place in your platform.

The underlying challenge? Providing clear, concise, and engaging resources. For instance, imagine a user trying to integrate a feature. They search the help center, find a long article with multiple steps and no visual aids, and become overwhelmed.

The result? Another ticket to the support team and a frustrated user.

The solution

Your answer is interactive guides.

Interactive guides are real-time, personalized guides that provide hands-on experiences, allowing users to understand processes effortlessly. Imagine your help center filled with interactive guides tailored for different features and processes. Users would have a clear path, with visual aids, making their journey smoother.

The benefits

  • Enhanced user independence: with interactive guides, users can troubleshoot and learn at their own pace, resulting in increased confidence and reduced dependence on customer support.
  • Reduced support tickets: interactive guides mean users find answers faster and more efficiently, leading to a decrease in support ticket volume.
  • Enhanced user satisfaction: a streamlined help center experience ensures users feel valued, leading to higher platform loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

Given these transformative advantages, isn't it time you adopted interactive product guides?

How to maximize the potential of interactive product guides?

Ready to optimize your business processes? Here's how with interactive product guides:

  • Start by identifying the most asked questions in your support tickets.
  • Convert these queries into interactive guides.
  • Ensure each guides is short, precise, and engaging.
  • And don't forget to regularly update them based on user feedback.

How to create your first interactive product guide with Guideflow?

Leveraging a platform like Guideflow can exponentially enhance the effectiveness of your help center. Here's how to begin:

  1. Identify your core features: pinpoint the most frequently asked features or problems.
  2. Storyboard the interactive guide journey: plan a concise and clear path for the user.
  3. Record your interactive product guide: ensure it's engaging and user-friendly.
  4. Test & refine: regularly update based on user feedback and new feature releases.

Create your first interactive guide with Guideflow: get started


How do interactive guides differ from traditional help articles?
Interactive guides provide a hands-on, step-by-step visual experience, unlike traditional articles which can be text-heavy and unclear.

Can interactive product guides be customized for different features?
Absolutely! Guideflow allows for tailored experiences for various features and processes.

How often should I update my interactive product guides?
It's essential to update regularly, especially with new feature releases or significant changes to existing features.

Do interactive product guides reduce support ticket volume?
Yes, by providing clear, concise, and engaging resources, users can find answers on their own, reducing the need to contact support.

What's the learning curve for creating interactive product guides with Guideflow?
With Guideflow's intuitive platform, you can start creating interactive guides immediately, even without prior experience.


Interactive guides are changing the way help centers bring value, providing users with engaging, efficient solutions. For customer success professionals, this means happier users and reduced support ticket volume. Adopting Guideflow's platform can significantly enhance user experience and streamline the help process.

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